Katch Us At Koifest!

Kan’t wait to play Kitchener’s #KOIFest14 (Sept. 19-21). It’s going to be a great time! You can find ticket information here.


Love Love Love

for dm website

Happy Birthday Care!


Tattoo You?

…dm TaTToos = free die mannequin sHows for life..!! ..if you didn’t know, you know now. and this is the newest addition – tina malecka. thank you for sharing tina. free to share your die mannequin tattoos with us if you haven’t yet, or haven’t in a while.. i start mixing today with gavin brown and co… so i am verrry happy about that. much love to my wHiPPer snaPPers.., – care f. of dm.
love you guys…
dm tattoo

Mixing Time!

..Hello wHiPPer snaPPer’s.* – HaPPy sPrinG (sPrinG PuPPy love PHoTos below…). wisH me luck Tomorrow, as i will be sTarTinG To mix (and do a buncH* of re-recordinG, vocals, e..T.c…. .e.T.c….)..Tuesday/ Tomorrow wiTH Gavin brown and co.
you know wHaT THaT means..??. – afTer 3-odd years or so of noT PuTTinG ouT die mannequin full lenGTH albums, THaT my new dm album is now jusT* around THe corner.
..more uPdaTes To come..
THank you for all of your love and PaTience – i am ofTen awesTruck by THe facT THaT afTer all THis Time THaT we sTill Have sucH a Powerful and PresenT fan base… s massive leG HumPs To all you lovely manne-fans… from The boTTom of my fever.., – care f. dm.

Getting Closer………A Message From Care Failure

Hey bisHHHes – this is care f. happily writing you from rainy vancouver.. as i flew in to town this morning. as you may know, i waited a couple years before deciding to make, write and record a new die mannequin album.. so for the past monnnnths now i have been slaving away on it’s creation. ..i just flew into vancouver this morning to work and record with andrew conroy (from “rain city rockers”..) to get this album shaped up and in the can for all to hate or enjoy.. (or boTH..).. wHo all’sss in vancouver..??. – care f. of die-T* mannequin.for dm website


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Behind The Scenes Viz 3

Here’s another glimpse of Care creating…Enjoy!

Happy New Year!

To all, from Care and the gang. Peace!
care fashion week 2013a
(photo: Mikey Sin Studios)

Behind The Scenes Viz 2

Getting closer every day…