5 Things to Avoid in Managing Small House

When having a small house will cause problems if you are not wise in making the arrangement. If either set it, then there is the increasingly crowded, cramped, uncomfortable and uninhabitable.

To organize your favorite small house, start with the jelly watch the empty spaces that could be a place to put stuff. For example, the area under the stairs, the stairs, under the sink, or under the bed.

In addition, note also the factor of indoor lighting. Keep the lights to give the impression of a formal option, spacious, and friendly.

Inside the small house, the window position should also be an appropriate position, as well as the use of glass in the home in order to make the house look more spacious. Wear the window size is not large and not patterned glass. Window mounted with proper positioning in order to absorb sunlight, warmth, and help circulate air in the house.

We recommend that you also choose light colors for the walls. Use dark colors will give the impression of space more narrow and lethargic. If you love to wear wallpaper, choose a lightweight and light-colored patterned with thin stripes motif or a thin box. The purpose of the motive is to help rest the eyes.

So as not impressive weight and narrow, choose furniture with a simple design. Choose furniture with soft colors to produce widespread and light effects.

For a touch of nature, enter the natural elements such as potted plants or flowers in the house. You can also use a mirror placed in the corner to give the impression in the room.

Based on all of the suggestions mentioned above, you should avoid small house interior design that can actually make things worse. Five things you should avoid are:

  1. Place the items of art or display above eye level or the vision of the average person in general. Put and stacking items is approximately 150 centimeters from the floor.
  2. Avoid using the display or a small ornament. We encourage you to customize the options according to the scale of a decoration or display space available. Use two-thirds of the width of the wall for the placement of paintings, art objects, and other wall accessories.
  3. Avoid placing furniture in a variety of small spaces. Instead, adjust the size of the space to the size and shape of the furniture. To get around this so that does not happen, you can prepare the room to make the room layout.
  4. Avoid grouping similar goods are arranged as rows. We recommend that you do not mix up the size, scale, and texture, but vary the use of ornament or an object in terms of its height to create tiered heights.
  5. You use a desk lamp or reading lamp angle is small. Instead, use a lamp with a high of about 70-80 centimeters.