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5 Things to Avoid in Managing Small House

When having a small house will cause problems if you are not wise in making the arrangement. If either set it, then there is the increasingly crowded, cramped, uncomfortable and uninhabitable.

To organize your favorite small house, start with the jelly watch the empty spaces that could be a place to put stuff. For example, the area under the stairs, the stairs, under the sink, or under the bed.

In addition, note also the factor of indoor lighting. Keep the lights to give the impression of a formal option, spacious, and friendly.

Inside the small house, the window position should also be an appropriate position, as well as the use of glass in the home in order to make the house look more spacious. Wear the window size is not large and not patterned glass. Window mounted with proper positioning in order to absorb sunlight, warmth, and help circulate air …

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