Why Is Dehumidifier So Important?

During the summer, we run our air conditioners when it is hot outside. The problem is that the air conditioner is better at controlling the temperature, not the humidity levels. It is humidity that makes us feel the heat.

Here is where a dehumidifier goes to work. A dehumidifier with pump will monitor the level of moisture in the air, or humidity. It will cool the air throughout your home by keeping humidity levels at a lower level, preventing you from running your air conditioner as frequently. By keeping the humidity down, you keep the temperature at a comfortable level.

Studies have even shown a higher rate of respiratory illness such as colds and flu in households containing mold and its counterparts.

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A high humidity rate is also bad for your furniture and walls. It dries out wood and the resulting mold and mildew can destroy everything in the house from fabrics to food. Needless to say, a dehumidifier is the best prevention against high humidity.

Dehumidifiers have a range of sizes and capacities. A smaller dehumidifier can hold as little as 16 oz. of water in its reservoir tank while one of the larger models can hold as much as 70 pints. While the smaller size works for a small office, for example, the larger models work well for areas as large as 1500 square feet, lending themselves to use in an industrial area of even a large, damp basement.

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With that said, a unit purchased for use in a damp basement needs to be able to function at a lower temperature since basements can be moist and humid even in the coldest of winter months.

Whole home dehumidifiers can become costly, between $1,000 and $3,000 not including installation, but this type of unit will save you money in the end. By keeping the humidity level low throughout your entire home, you might very well save your walls, your floors and most of your possessions from damage by reducing the incidence of mold, mildew, dust mites and other airborne pollutants.

An investment in a home dehumidifier, whether it is a whole home dehumidifier or a portable unit, is an investment in your home. Home dehumidifier improves your life and your home by eliminating mold and allergy-causing humidity levels.